My loyal readers already know that I LOVE to curate wish lists. While they may have been beauty-centered in the past, I figured it was time to make ONE list to rule them all. So, from now on, Iโ€™ll be coming to you every season to let you know what Iโ€™ve got my eye on. ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. White Snow Jacket w/faux fur lining



This has J.Lo written all over it, and I love it! I got a similar jacket for my stepmom for Christmas last year, and I honestly almost kept it for myself. I love he crisp white color and how I looks against a snowy background, and the fuzzy faux fur lining makes it all the more cozy.


2. Tall Rain Boots



Iโ€™ve mentioned before that I live in an area that experiences all seasons, sometimes we get them all on the same day! The rainy season is no different, and since I do live โ€œout in the countryโ€ tall rain boots are a must. Of course, I canโ€™t deny my fashion sense, so they have to be cute too! These boots from _____ are adorable, and Iโ€™m sure youโ€™ve also seen them all over Instagram and Pinterest. I would love to have a pair in almost every color, but alas, I canโ€™t afford it. โ˜น




3. Smaller Wallet



This is my current purse. I usually like something a little bigger, but right now Iโ€™m still at the diaper bag & car seat toting of parenting (something I thought I would NEVER do again!) and so, carrying my normal purse is just too much. If I wonโ€™t make a second trip to the car for groceries (aka food), Iโ€™m not doing it for a purse.



Aaaand cue the sad music, this is my current wallet. Itโ€™s basically the same size as my purse, so it barely fits and I have to use both hands to jam it in there. I havenโ€™t actually found a substitute wallet to try out, but I know it definitely needs to be smaller. If you got any in mind, help a girl out and leave it in the comments!



4. Fur snow boots



Basic, I know, but now I actually live in a place where I can justify wearing the โ€œboots-with-da-fur!โ€




5. Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette



I ended up buying tis for my little sister, Aria, for Christmas. Although I had just gone on a huge makeup haul when this was released, so I went against spending even more money on beauty. Of course now that I bought it for my sister, I want one as well!


6. Vanity



Okay, this is probably on every girlโ€™s dream wishlist, but I just HAD to include it. This is a great example of the clean, crips look I’d go for, but I would definitely need something custom built to suit my style and primping area perfectly. Still, so nice to dream, isnโ€™t it?


7. iMac Desktop



I canโ€™t even begin to explain how bad I want an iMac Desktop. I have an old MacBook, which was released in 2011, so itโ€™s ancient in tech terms. I edit my videos on Final Cut Pro X, and feel ridiculous that I paid for it considering I canโ€™t use all the features with this old laptop. Itโ€™s okay, though, someday I will have a brand new iMac and my editing skills will improve tenfold, which will mean more content for YOU!

Whatโ€™s on your wish list this season? COMMENT BELOW!



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