November Bullet Journal Flip Through

November Bullet Journal Flip Through

I am so ecstatic to be continuing my Bujo Flip Through Series on my blog. My Plan With Me videos have always been very popular with my viewers, and I’m glad I get to expand on this series over on my blog as well. Anyway, keep reading for a more detailed view of how I use the systems I create in my monthly, weekly, and daily spreads.

By the way, if you’re not up to speed on what a Bullet Journal is, check this out.

C O V E R   P A G E

theme page

November is the start of the colder weather, so a Sweater Weather theme is more than fitting. It make me feel so warm and cozy to look at this page.

M O N T H L Y   O V E R V I E W


I love to have a monthly overview that I can actually write in! I don’t create my weekly spreads in advance, so this page is helpful for times when meetings, appointments, or other events come up for future weeks. I’m still playing with how I work my SOCIAL TRACKERS, which track my growth on YouTube, Instagram, and WordPress. I’m not in love with this set up, but that’s the great thing about Bullet Journaling; I can change and tweak it as many times as I want until it’s perfect. I also included a master TO DO LIST, for those tasks that don’t have a set deadline, but I know I want to get done at some point. Finally, I have a QUOTE OF THE MONTH. I always try to stick to my monthly theme, and a theme-fitting quote just ties it all in. This month, I chose, “It’s too cold for you here and now so let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater” which, of course, are lyrics from The Neighborhood’s hit song.

L I F E S T Y L E   T R A C K E R S

thank yous

3 0   D A Y S   O F   T H A N K    Y O U S

Being that November is a time of giving thanks, I wanted to make sure that I took some time every day to count my blessings. But, more than that, I wanted to take some time to focus each day on thanking people for things that I don’t really ever say thank you for. November was a really tough month for me, and honestly, this page really lifted my spirits.


F I T N E S S   T R A C K E R 

If you’ve been reading my previous flip throughs, than you know I’m a little over zealous about my workout habits. I have yet to actually workout more than a couple of days each month, but if it wasn’t for these little fitness trackers, I probably would never work out at all!


E X P E N S E   T R A C K E R 

With the Holidays right around the corner, I try to take a little closer look into where my money goes in October – which is usually followed by a trim of excess spending in November, as then I know where I need to cut down. Although I liked the idea of this tracker, I don’t think it actually worked for me. I need to find a way to fit all of our expenses on this sheet, so I am definitely revamping this for next month.


S A L E   T R A C K E R 

Christmas is right around the corner, and I have a big family to shop for. I’m always keeping a close eye on my budget, so I tend to look at sales very carefully this time of year. This spread easily saved me a few hundred bucks on gifts. YAY!


W E E K L Y   S P R E A D S

Personally, I love having a weekly spread with a clear view of each day. If I had to keep flipping pages to get to each day, I would drive myself nuts! My spreads consist of a monthly overview, and events section (so they don’t get lost in my list of daily to-do’s), my daily sections, a tiny meal planner, habit tracker, shopping list, and a tracker for Alicia. This month, I also added a GOALS section.

W E E K   1


I love incorporating my theme into the days of the month of my daily spreads, so I continued it this month. These little beanies came out exactly like I pictured which is a HUGE deal for a non-artist like myself! I also was able to draw a cute little footprint at the bottom left hand corner, signifying the amount of steps I took each day.

W E E K   2


As I’m now working with full weeks, I decided to store all that information on the right side. I’m still making sure to clearly notate my EVENTS separately, and I love that this spread has plenty of space for my water and steps trackers. Obviously, my meal planner is looking extremely empty. I think that is by far my toughest tracker to keep up with. However, I love how my little scarves came out!

W E E K   3


I decided to keep my spread the same this week, but switched my scarves out for these little set of mittens. The more I look at them, the less they look like mittens, though! Again, my MEAL PLANNER is empty. 😦

W E E K   4


This week, I went for these cute little earmuffs! I kind of fell off the wagon on bullet journaling this week.  If you notice, I didn’t even finish the actual set up for this week’s spread. I just had so much stress and was dealing with some anxiety this week.


E N D I N G   T H E   M O N T H

end the month

Again, I couldn’t even be bothered to finish my spread this week. When stress hits me, it hits me hard and I become immensely unproductive. But that’s life sometime, and we gotta keep moving.



Since I ended up having such a rough second half of the month, I ended up going for a really simple MEMORIES spread. After such a tough month, it was nice to be able to go back and look at these memories.


That’s it for this month’s flip-through! I hope you’ve gotten some nice Bujo/Planner/Organizer inspo. If you have any tips, leave them in the comments! Don’t forget to check out my December Plan With Me Theme here!

Are you a fellow Bullet Journaler? COMMENT BELOW!


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