Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette Review

Today, I am bringing you a COMPLETE detailed review (with swatches) of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette. Is it worth the hype?


Anastasia Beverly Hills released the the Prism Palette in early October of 2017. The palette comes with 14 shades; 7 Mattes and 7 Metallics/Duo Chromes.

T H E   M E T A L L I C S

laura metallics

The Metallic shades are BEAUTIFUL! Although, I’ve always geared towards shimmery shades. Throne and Dimension are especially calling out to me as I don’t think I’ve ever used shades like these. Lucid is BREATHTAKING, but I am so fair that it’s not having the same impact on my skin tone.


I know I’m very fair skinned, so I am bringing my daughter, Alicia, to the blog today to show how different the shades look on a darker skin tone.

Here are the Metallics shown on Alicia’s darker skin:

Alicia metallics

And here’s the difference with both our skin tones (mine is on top):

both metallics

You’ll notice Lucid is much more prominent on Alicia’s tan skin tone. Furthermore, Throne definitely looks greener on her skin than mine. Dimension also shows a hint of blue – where as on my skin tone, it is a more straight gray.

The formulas for the shades are very pigmented and super creamy. I also love that these shades show the darker side of fall. It’s always fun to play with a palette that has SO MANY shades that you just don’t see very often, and for that reason, this palette is a HIT!

T H E   M A T T E S

laura mattes

Okay, but Sphere has got me SHOOK, girl! I also thought Eden & Saturn would be much closer to each other – but clearly Eden is a a peachy pink salmon color, whereas Saturn is definitely orange. I LOVE lure, but I’m not sure if it’s a color I absolutely need as I feel the Modern Renaissance Palette has a lot of mauves and lavenders. Should I do a comparison on the two palettes? Let me know in the comments!

Here are the Mattes on Alicia’s tan skin:

alicia mattes

And here are the shades on both our skin tones (mine is on bottom):

both mattes.jpg

The Mattes are not as creamy as the Metallics, but they are immensely smoother than the metallics and more easily blendable. As far as the shades themselves, Unity is a world of difference between our skin tones – and Lure is definitely looking like a darker mauve on me, but a much lighter lavender on Alicia.

T H E   F I N A L   V E R D I C T

Of course, the palette is gorgeous, hands down. Anastasia is an amazing brand with proven products (Subculture palette aside) and a massive following – and with GOOD REASON. These hues are beautiful, pigmented, and smooth. While I love how unique this palette is in the fact that these are not shades that I’ve seen together in a long time – I’m not too sure that the shades ALL work well together. Maybe it’s because I’m partial to the Modern Renaissance Palette (which I LOVE), where all the shades complement each other really well. Then again, Prism was released as a Holiday Collection, so of course, you want each shade to be memorable and stand out on their own. Regardless, this palette is a must-have for me.

Want to see this palette in action? Check out my First Impressions video!

What’s your take on this palette? Do you own or plan to own it? COMMENT BELOW!


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