The Essentials – Hospital Bag Checklist

The Essentials – Hospital Bag Checklist



Today, I’m excited to bring you my very first parenting blog post! If you’ve been following along on my YouTube channel, then you know I am just DAYS away from giving birth to baby James, so I’m taking this time to get those final details ready!

As you guys know, this is not my first rodeo. Sure, I had Alicia almost 8 years ago, but I remember the day I gave birth clear as day, and let me tell you – I WAYYYY overpacked for my hospital stay. So today, I’m brining you my essentials checklist, because there is no way I’m showing up with my purse, diaper bag, weekender bag, and duffel to the hospital again.


First thing’s first – out with the junk.

I know, I know, naturally, we want to be as prepared as possible, so it’s hard not to pack your entire house when deciding what to bring to the hospital, so let me tell you a little but about the items I packed that were useless.

1. Several changes/types of clothes

For my first go-around, I packed a t-shirt, jeans (non-maternity, ah so young and naive), leggings, a bath robe, yoga pants, 2 nursing tanks, and 2 nursing bras. Well first of all, let me be the first to assure you that you will NOT fit into those pre-pregnancy pants. Trust me, it took your body 9  months to get to where it is now, and it’s not gonna snap back that quickly. Second, if you’re like me, you’re not going to change your clothes for every day you’re there. I basically stayed in my Robe or hospital robe and didn’t put “real” clothes on until the day we were discharged. Even then, my jeans didn’t fit and my leggings left me feeling vulnerable with all the commotion going on down there. I left in my t-shirt, leggings, and draped in a robe.

2. Hair Heating/Styling Tools

Maybe it’s because I was only 19 at the time, but I really thought I was going to be looking all kinds of cute for when people visited us at the hospital. WRONG. Don’t get me wrong, the nurses were a great help, and there were lots of opportunities to do my hair, but put simply – I just didn’t want to! My body had just been through the most traumatic experience of my life, I could care less if I didn’t have silky smooth straight hair.

3. A Full Makeup Kit

Notice I stated a FULL make up kit. I can’t believe I actually thought I was going to walk out of there with a fully beat face. WRONG AGAIN. I ended up just putting a little bit of some much-needed concealer, some mascara, and called it a day. (This was before the full brows trend, or else, I would’ve done some filling-in, too). This was only on our discharge date, too.

4. Entertainment-based electronics

Man, oh man, was I over prepared. I had my iPOD fully charged (again, this was 8 years ago), and actually took the time to create a specific playlist. Once the time came, I could care less about what music was on my iPOD and ended up even forgetting that I brought it at all. Also, if I remember correctly, my dad brought his laptop to “distract me” from the labor pains – ah, men.

5. Extra Shower Supplies

Trust me, the bath robe, extra towels, shower slippers, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, body wash and face wash were mostly just dead weight. The hospital provides all the essentials, and honestly, you’re not going to care that the body wash they provide isn’t rich in vanilla or eucalyptus scents. You’re just going to be glad to be clean.


So, let’s get to the essentials!

Minimalist Grid General Daily Planner

Do you have anything to add to the list? Comment below!


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